• 23-JUL-2015

A Meeting of Classical Culture and Visionary Pioneer: Lamborghini China GIRO's First Stop in Shanghai

From July 12 to 14, a Lamborghini fleet comprised of esteemed local owners and Lamborghini enthusiasts gathered in Shanghai to kick off a grand tour through time and space.

At the start of the three-day tour, Lamborghini's China Giro fleet began at the Shanghai International Circuit, taking guests far away from the hustle of the inner city. In the spirit of the Italian carmaker's core brand values "Visionary, Pure, Cutting Edge" and with a revitalizing feast of cultural activities planned for a journey through time and space, between heaven and earth, the tour commenced.

Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini China Francesco Scardaoni said: "China is the second largest market for Lamborghini worldwide. Since this is the 10th year since Lamborghini entered Chinese market, the unparalleled China Giro is a token of our gratitude to Lamborghini enthusiasts. The first leg of the tour will start from East China then move to the South, Southwest and then to the Northeast respectively. Along the tour, Lamborghini owners will drive through beautiful scenery, to complete an unforgettable super sports car ride. This tour will become an iconic event for Lamborghini and show our brand values to the public; it is also an exclusive experience for Lamborghini owners to celebrate the 10th year of Lamborghini in the Chinese market."

The tour, themed with "Time", starts from Shanghai and continues through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Hangzhou, passing the legendary West Lake, tasting the flavor of Long Jing culture, enjoying the ancient buildings around Aman Resort to experience traditional countryside living, absorbing the essence of nature, to find a state of Zen away from the crowd; to learn the essence of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism in the Tai Chi Zen Garden and to visit the ancient She county, tracing the origins of Hui culture.

Ding Ding, a well-known female singer from China's new generation, was also invited to attend the first stop of the China Giro. "Lamborghini has always been my favorite super sports car brand. I'm honored to be invited to this event. The magnificent scenery of nature, beautiful cultural landscapes, and the idea of traveling through time and space combines classical culture and fashion perfectly. The China Giro was really excellent!"

Following the perfect ending to the first stop of the China Giro in Shanghai, the second stop in Guangzhou will begin on July 31st. The three-day tour, themed with "Space", will present a meeting of classical culture and new fashion once again, in Guangzhou. Afterwards, the China Giro will include stops in Chengdu and Dalian, themed "Culture" and "Mood" respectively, traveling across Southwest and Northeast of China. Magnificent scenery from natural and ancient classical origins will be included in each stop of the tour. During the trip, Lamborghini owners will also experience the exclusive lifestyle through the themed local activities.

Since the establishment of Lamborghini in 1963, Pirelli has always been chosen as the sole tire supplier for Lamborghini. During the China Giro, Pirelli bolstered and escorted the whole fleet throughout the tour.