• 01-JAN-2008

Gallardo Spyder

As with every Lamborghini, the Gallardo Spyder adopts the stylistic principles ofpurity, athleticism and sharpness. The Spyder is not just an open-top version ofthe Coupé; it continues the tradition as seen with Murciélago Coupé andRoadster, by creating a self standing model.The designers of the Centro Stile Lamborghini have succeeded in creating anathletic body with a sports car's ideal dimensions. This rear mid-engined sportscar, which measures 4.30 metres in length, 1.90 metres in width and just 1.19metres in height, conveys an impression of extreme power potential even whenstationary. The design language, inspired by contemporary aircraft construction, isclearly discernible. The appearance is characterised by edges and straight surfaces.The front is defined by the two distinctive air inlets and the large trapezoidal lightunits, which contain efficient ellipsoidal-principle headlights. Like the GallardoCoupé, the Spyder's far-forward cockpit with its steeply raked windscreen givesit a dynamic silhouette. In keeping with the style of the Coupé, the Spyder'sflowing roofline mirrors the Coupé when the soft top is closed.