• 08-MAY-2015

Lamborghini participates with X-Bionic at the 24 hours marathon by Audi

Lamborghini will participate at the 24 hours run organized by Audi at 9th and 10th of May 2015. For this marathon, each of the 200 international teams has to undertake the 2,53 kilometre track through the Audi plant for 24 hours. The winner is not the fastest marathon runner, but the team which collects the most rounds. For each completed round by the participants, Audi donates a certain amount to social institutions.

The Lamborghini team will make this 24 hours run with 20 members.

The team is not only very well prepared but also well equipped for the first time with the X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini functional sportswear.

The patented, climate regulating technology of X-BIONIC® will help the team to increase its performance.

The countdown is running and Automobili Lamborghini is crossing its fingers for its team in order to achieve a maximum of rounds and so to maximize the amount for donation.