• 10-JUN-2019

Automobili Lamborghini launches the “Future FAB. Innovation & Transformation Award” dedicated to women under 30

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 10 June 2019 – Automobili Lamborghini has launched a new awards program dedicated to women under 30, reflecting the brand’s consistent commitment to innovation, looking towards the future, and today increasingly committed to supporting younger generations.
The project is called “Future FAB. Innovation & Transformation Award”, to be presented in three categories, Technology, Sustainability, and Art, to three young women who share Lamborghini’s philosophies and approach to ideas and thereby enhancing progress in the three different areas. Innovation and transformation are intrinsic to the Lamborghini way of life and are themes running through women’s contribution to society, reflecting Lamborghini’s commitment to creating a sustainable future while pushing the frontiers of technology and the creative force of art.
The award also represents a unique opportunity for young women to meet members of the Lamborghini FAB (Female Advisory Board), an all-female network of some 200 women selected internationally from among the most influential and representative individuals in business and culture. Established in 2018, it is a board that enjoys a unique view of the world and which Lamborghini wanted to put together in order to benefit from important external contributions in its path as a pioneering brand.
Lamborghini is an organization that has been able to transform itself continuously, innovating and dictating new rules in its sphere of reference, from 1963 to today. The FAB continues along this path, involving women who are leaders in their sectors, whose experience of challenges, successes, and purchasing habits supports us in our market research and provides vital information on the trends of the luxury market and society. With a view to Corporate Social Responsibility and to give continuity to our vocation as a future-oriented brand, this initiative offers young women under 30 the opportunity to present their projects, to be inspired by the experience of women’s leadership, and to be able to contribute along with us to innovation and progress,” commented Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing Officer of Automobili Lamborghini.
In 2018, the Lamborghini FAB meetings took place in Singapore, Los Angeles, Sydney, Dubai, Tokyo, London, New York, Macau, Bangkok and Milan. The first meeting of 2019 was held in May at the Automobili Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where a selected group of representatives were invited to visit the company and exchange ideas on the issues of innovation, transformation, and informal luxury.
In support of the meetings, a restricted-access web portal has been created as a virtual meeting place for the community members, offering a collection of articles and interviews with women who were asked to talk about professional and personal challenges.
Future FAB. Innovation & Transformation Award
The “Future FAB. Innovation & Transformation Award is a competition aimed at young women under 30, who can apply on the website https://future.fab.lamborghini from 14 June through 14 October 2019, presenting their projects in one of the following three categories:
  1. Sustainability: for projects characterized by a positive impact in terms of the environment, protecting biodiversity, the economy of energy resources, virtuous waste management, or any other topic related to protecting our planet;
  2. Art and design: for projects of an artistic nature, architectural projects, cultural initiatives, works of art, installations, artistic products or compositions, performance;
  3. Technology: for projects that stand out for their high level of technological content and that are able to make a positive impact on society and on the planet, such as product design, business ideas, and technological inventions, solutions and devices.
The projects will be judged by a mixed jury composed of members of the Lamborghini Management Board and selected women who are on the FAB, divided as follows:
Technology category
  • Maurizio Reggiani – Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini
  • Serenella Sferza – Co-director MIT-Italy Program
  • Beverly Macy – Contributor, The Atlantic, Bloomberg / Strategic Advisor, Los Angeles Blockchain Lab
  • Claudia Persico - Vice President Sales & Marketing of Persico S.p.A
Art category
  • Katia Bassi – Chief Marketing Officer of Automobili Lamborghini
  • Umberto Tossini – Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Ursula Casamonti – Executive Gallery Director, Tornabuoni Art
  • Deborah Horack- Art Collector
Sustainability category
  • Paolo Poma – Chief Financial Officer of Automobili Lamborghini
  • Ranieri Niccoli – Chief Manufacturing Officer of Automobili Lamborghini
  • Paola Ferrari – Founder and President of Accademia di Gagliato delle NanoScienze
  • Jamie Nack – President of Three Squares Inc.
The results will be announced in December 2019. The three winning young women will receive important recognition, endorsing their potential for future professional careers and leadership roles. They will be future candidates of the FAB network and will have the chance to carry out an in-house educational experience at Lamborghini, developing the skills needed to create a complete business case in support of their project. Through the know-how of Automobili Lamborghini management and the FAB network, the winners will have the opportunity to learn how to organize, develop, analyze and communicate their projects.
Lamborghini will judge the projects in the three categories according to three parameters consistent with the pillars of Lamborghini’s identity:
  1. the project’s ability to positively influence the world we live in. Each project must be conceived to have a positive social impact in terms of benefits for the community;
  2. the innovation content: each project must be able to go beyond the contemporary world, proposing a vision of the future;
  3. feasibility: although innovative and visionary, each project must be conceived to be brought to realization.
At the conclusion of the competition, Automobili Lamborghini will reserve the right to invest in and develop the project considered to be the most relevant and consistent with its brand values.