• 11-MAY-2014

2014 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series Thrills Participants and Spectators on Second Race Dayin Sepang

The second day for 2014 LamborghiniBlancpain Super Trofeo kick-off weekend at the Sepang InternationalCircuit, was truly a breathtaking demonstration of raw power, finesse andspeed.

While the previous day's race commenced in the early evening wheretemperatures remain difficult to cope - today's midday competitionpresented an overwhelming challenge to drivers, as temperatures inSepang soared to almost agonizing levels. Drivers however confronted thischallenge unfazed, with the focus, determination and class personified bythis series, and exemplified by both Lamborghini and Blancpain.

Today's race was a thrilling spectacle - with cars routinely contesting forspots on the podium, with close passing and extreme power through thestraight-aways. Yesterday's champions from both classes also remained intop-form today, with the Chinese #9 car driven my Max Wiser and Jiang Xinas well the #24 car driven by Dilantha Malagamuwa (SRI) and ManabuOrido (JPN) taking the top-two spots in the PRO-AM class respectively.