• 22-SEP-2012

First spoils to Enjalbert & Delhez at the Nürburgring

Adrian Zaugg's actions in claiming pole for round 9 of theLamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series at the Nürburgring spoke louder than his words as hewisely declined to predict the likely outcome of the forthcoming race later that afternoon.At the delayed race start on a clearing Saturday afternoon, Zaugg was the first to clear the trickyfirst corner, but immediately behind him Andrea Amici managed to pass Bernard Delhez and CédricLeimer to move up into second position off the line. Zaugg preserved his advantage however andmanaged to pull away. After six laps, he had stabilized the gap at just over three seconds ahead ofAmici with another two seconds in hand over third placed Cédric Leimer. 10 seconds behind raceleader was Bernard Delhez, holding fourth place, with Roberto Tanca heading up the amateur classa further five seconds down the road in fifth place. However, Tanca was unable to maintain hisamateur advantage to the change-over when a spin saw him lose nine seconds as a result.